Looking for an internship?

So you are in your last year of studies and there is this requirement for you to do an internship? Or you finally want some practical experience? Do you know that it can actually be fun and exciting?

One of the exchanges we in AIESEC have is Global Talent – professional paid internships abroad.

Great! But how does it work actually?

It is pretty simple – we have our amazing portal aiesec.org and you can freely browse through thousands of opportunities in over 100 countries and territories. Opportunities with different starting date and different duration. You sign up there, finish your profile and apply for as much opportunities you want. We will be there for you in this process if you need any help.gtgt

Once you are approved for an opportunity, only when it is certain that you have the position for your internship in the company you have to pay the fee of 220 euros. After that it is all set and according to when your internship starts you are ready to go.
AIESEC internships are not just another internships as they strive to develop leadership qualities in youth. We have great partners – big and small companies with similar values as ours. In the end everything we do is because we strive to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential.

Still hesitant? – go check the opportunities here: bit.ly/AIESECsignUP and see for yourself also feel free to write to us and ask any questions that pop up :)


Let’s empower others

At one point everyone of us wants to be inspiration to others, to be the one who enabled them to fulfill their dreams, to empower others. But how to do that? How to know if we really are empowering others?  Of course by being the right example and by encouraging others to be brave but let me share 3 more qualities that define someone who empowers other

  1. The ability to communicate effectively in diverse environments – I am sure you understand what it means, just don’t forget that to communicate and to communicate effectively are 2 very different things
  2. To develop and empower others – and here it is meant to deliberately choose to do that, not just for that to happen by chance
  3. To engage with others to achieve a bigger purpose – because in the end you need the help of others in order to do something great.


Empowering others is one of the leadership qualities that AIESEC develops. It for sure is a quality that is worth developing. Join AIESEC by 15th October and start your leadership development: bit.ly/JoinAIESECLatvia


Are you really a world citizen?

In today’s world of globalization and freedom, most of the young people consider them world citizens. But being a world citizen is much more than travelling around. Here are 3 qualities that define world citizens:


  • They believe in their ability to make a difference in the world
  • They are interested in world issues
  • They enjoy taking responsibility for improving the world



Do you still think you are a world citizen? Doesn’t matter the answer because this quality can be developed and improved and it is true that we learn and develop during all our live. Being a world citizen is one of the leadership qualities that you can develop in AIESEC. Join us by 15th of October bit.ly/JoinAIESECLatvia

What does it mean to be solution oriented?

There are a lot of ways to describe a person who is solution oriented – it can apply to daily tasks or to big-life decisions but when you see this kind of people you can easily recognise them. So not to talk a lot, here are some more practical ways to know if you are solution oriented.

  1. A solution oriented person is someone who adapts and shows resilience in the face of challenges.
  2. It is a person who transmits positivity to move forward throughout uncertainty
  3. It is someone who takes risks when it is needed29407670212_0d668265d3_k

And even if these things sound logical, it is not the easiest task to do them. But the good news is that you can develop them. And as this is one of the leadership qualities in AIESEC, you can join us to develop it. You can apply here: bit.ly/JoinAIESECLatvia by 15th of October