3 ways to understand if you are self aware

To be self aware is one of the 4 leadership qualities you can develop in AIESEC, but what exactly does it mean? Of course you can say that it means to be aware of yourself (duh..) but let me tell you some more concrete things. And to be exact – three of them. And if you know and do them you can proudly say you are self aware :)

  1. To be self aware means to know your strengths and your weaknesses. And furthermore to focus on your strengths over the weaknesses. And honestly sometimes this can be hard but the great thing is that we all learn and develop.
  2. In order to be self aware you need to know and live your personal values. So the question here should be: Do you have personal values and do you live according to them?
  3. And the last thing but for sure very important is – to explore your passions. Do you know what you are passionate about?marion-michele-340133

So, if you know and do these things – great, you should also know that you can further develop them :). But if you are not 100% sure – don’t worry – you can learn them and develop your leadership qualities. AIESEC can help with that – now you have the opportunity to join us!


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