Let’s empower others

At one point everyone of us wants to be inspiration to others, to be the one who enabled them to fulfill their dreams, to empower others. But how to do that? How to know if we really are empowering others?  Of course by being the right example and by encouraging others to be brave but let me share 3 more qualities that define someone who empowers other

  1. The ability to communicate effectively in diverse environments – I am sure you understand what it means, just don’t forget that to communicate and to communicate effectively are 2 very different things
  2. To develop and empower others – and here it is meant to deliberately choose to do that, not just for that to happen by chance
  3. To engage with others to achieve a bigger purpose – because in the end you need the help of others in order to do something great.


Empowering others is one of the leadership qualities that AIESEC develops. It for sure is a quality that is worth developing. Join AIESEC by 15th October and start your leadership development: bit.ly/JoinAIESECLatvia


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